reading item set vignette

just curious- do people read the entire vignette prior to attempting to answer any questions, or read a little to get the flavor, then go directly to the questions, and then go back to vignette? I find it to be a time saver to follow the latter strategy because I just go back to the vignette anway.

for L2 - in all the practice exams, mocks, etc every questions related back to a specific self-contained paragraph in the vignette - almost always in the same order as the questions. So I decided that I would read the questions first then go looking for the paragraph for the facts. But you always have the feeling that maybe you missed some vital bit of data elsewhere in the vignette. So for the L2 exam I did the am session starting with the questions then looking for the right para. But I found that it wasted time because a) I had to find the right paragraph, and 2) I had to scan the rest of the vignette for other facts that might affect the answer. So for the pm session I switched back to starting with the vignette first. After each para, flick to the questions to see if a question ralates to it - and invariably there is a question for each para. Answer the question then keep reading the vignette for the next question. I found that is the best of both worlds. In reality the whole idea of vignettes is a nonsense. They just end up being 6 virtually unrelated questions in nice neat self-contained paragraphs with a question for each. May as well be just 6 separate questions in a row.

always look at the question first. sometimes you don’t even need the vignette to answer some questions.

Read the vignette quickly, read the questions and then go back to re-read the parts needed to answer ?'s. I never liked the idea of reading the ?'s first because of the natural tendency to answer the question based upon the first data you come across, potentially missing some small detail.

This is a form of anchoring McLeod. : ) I can’t remember what I did at level II.