Reading item sets

Do you read everything in the item sets before answering pm questions? Seems like eoc and mocks pretty much partition the item set so all you have to do is move on to the next section to have all information needed to answer the next question.

I remember taking more time during levels 1 and 2 by reading everything before answering questions cause I was paranoid they’d try to be tricky. I cut it a little too close on time. Chances they do that in the pm?

My reading speed is at most average, so I usually read the first paragraph to have some idea what it’s talking about. Read the first question and then go back to read next paragraph, answer the question…It works most of the time, but some questions would ask a question based on the 3rd graph. One caveat of this method: flip the pages back and forth, and it could create some human errors. So it does not always work, but it’s never a bad idea to read the question first.

PM section is identical to format at L2 - so do whatever you did at L2 for PM

AM is where you will be crunched for time