Reading Level II FRA for Level I preparation

Looking for a piece of advice from the experienced folks here. I am planning to sit for Level 1 in Dec 2009. I am on track to finish my first reading by July 2010. and I plan to restudy; do Q-bank, Practice test and mock tests etc from Sep - Nov 10. In the month of Aug, will it be a good idea to study the Level II FRA or any other level II book which will be useful for Level I also, given that I have some extra time? Will that help in Level 1 exam and save some time for Level II in June 2011? Or is it plain stupid to look at Level II material right now and I should stick to just redo the Level 1 material for one more month?

Focus on LI, pass, and then try LII Don’t take anything for granted. If you walk out of the exam feeling like you absolutely passed LI, start studing Level II FRA in early January.

that would be a waste of your time. Reading level 2 books to prep for level 1 does not make sense. they are completely different animals.

I think it’s, and I quote your word, “plain stupid” to read Level 2 stuff before your Level 1 exam. You’d gain nothing, unless you want to mess with your L1 knowledge.

There isn’t much in there that would help you for the Level 1 exam, maybe the adjustment to FS piece but even then if you don’t have the basics down from L1 you’ll be lost anyway. There’s some ratio analysis in L2 which uses L1 stuff but you need to know how the FS statements change based on whatever rule needs to be applied. No need to even worry about that until you get to L2. Use that extra month to find as many old mock exams as you can and use those to test yourself on FSA from L1.

Thanks for the helpful responses. I had read in many posts that Level I is cake walk as compare to Level II and III. So I thought of this crazy idea that if I prepare for Level II in advance, I might get a step ahead. But not anymore as it is clear in my head now that these are different animals. I am going to stick with Level I material. Working on the old Mock exams is a good idea. Thanks again and wish you all the best for Level II exam next week.

Dude, You should read L3 books first and then you will be all set for L1


I would take some time off you are going to burn yourself out. You are in very good time.

It’s not like you would read FRA, and 6 months later it’s still fresh in your head.