Reading materials for FRM-1 (2016)

I want to purchase FRM-L-1 reading materials for May-2016 exam but I do not know which one to select? Whether it’s good to select GARP materials or materials from third party providers or to select both GARP+third party materails? Please give me your suggestions to select the correct reading materails.

Other issue is, if I purchase reading materials now, it may not be updated with 2016 syllabus how can this be overcome?

Thank you in advance for taking your valuable time.


I am reading Schweser Notes plus I have GARP materials. GARP materials are quite elaborate and can be used for reference. Any suggestions on which materials to study are welcomed.



GARP materials cost is USD150

I used Schweser and it was good to cover 80% of the exam. Only bad point about it was in VaR where it was not well covered at all.

I think that BionicTurtles could be better