reading matrix on CFAI website

CFAI used to put a nice reading matrix, showing the chapters/questions against each study session. I can’t find it on the website. If someone has found it, please post the link OR know of a similar matrix is available from a prep provider. thanks,

Well…Last they did was in 2006 (or '05?)…Forget it now as they are providing all the readings int eh Textbooks…Refer to inside cover/contents of Readings.

i think you are referring to this

It would be so much better if that summary /outline included the readings under each SS as well .

I just made a summary myself by copying from the outline.

hey abacus …can u mail me the summary u made at thanks in advance

This is going to be flooded with requests. me too ==> frm.bhb at Thanks

me three

how hard is it to make your own summary ??

will do, though it only has the reading# and title there. Just a shorter version of the long CFA LOS for easier reference.