Reading Strategy

So I’ve read the CFAI text for Ethics, Equity, Fixed Income, FRA, Corporate Finance. I’ve read Schweser for Economics, Alternative Asset Valuation, Derivatives. Still reading Schweser for Portfolio Management. Quant is still on stand-by. For those that are re-taking L2, is this a winning strategy? Since you’ve once taken L2 and therefore familiar with the materials…etc, and you know what you did wrong the first time around…, you ought to have a pretty good idea of what works and what wont work. What strategy are you using? C’mon guys, give some real advice. haha!

Not hearing anything about EOC questions. If you can’t grasp the EOC questions no sense moving to the next subject because there is no gold star for just reading a chapter.

I’m simply reading the Summaries at the end of the chapter for Schweser. Someone told me that is more than enough to get you prepped to ace the exam.

i’m just reading the titles of chapters!

Trying far too hard chaps…From now on I plan to only look at the girl on the cover of the Schweser books…

i would totally do that chick

I would hit it too

I would spank her first… erm no. And thanks @ "Round 2 " , the CFAI EOC questions, I gotta keep them in mind.

See what areas you are weak in, and refer to the curriculum in those areas.