reading the IAS and IFRS standards

How much of the IAS and IFRS standards content (i.e. IAS 1-41 and IFRS 1-13) is covered in CFA levels I and II? Would it be worth taking the time to read through and understand all of these, or would that be overkill? I honestly really don’t like the presentation of the CFA FRA book at level 1 and would rather start the level 2 FRA book with a decent amount of pre-knowledge.

So considering I have very little interest in accounting and just want an excellent grade on the exam… good idea or waste of time?

I’d recommend you develop a love for FRA if you intend to pass L1 and L2. Knowing the difference between GAAP & IFRS plays a huge role in L2 FRA, particularly in pension accounting and intercorporate investments (2 of the three major FRA topics).

You’re going to hate reading the actual accounting standards. I’ve done it for work and it’s painful. I really think reading the actual language in the accounting standards is a waste of time b/c it goes beyond what is needed for CFA tests and you’ll probably get confused.

Elan’s videos on FRA are excellent.

Thanks guys, helpful answers