Reading through Vignettes : Your stratergy

Been through a couple of mocks, I find that the Equity, FSA, Alternative Investments and Corporate finance vignetes require very close reading of the entire passage, and the questions are not taken in seqeunce from the passage.

This proves very time consuming for me…

What do you guys do… Read through the passage first and then go for the questions, or read the question and come back to the passage?

i have extremely bad concentration skills…so i can not manage to read the whole thing in one go, so what I do is read lil bit and check for questions and then strt reading the psg again and so on and so forth…i know its not the best strategy, but iv tried reading the whole thing in one go and i cudn’t…

I do the exact same. I cant read the whole vignette at the start. I read maybe the first 2 paragraphs then do the appropriate question. This strategy only stuffs up when the paragraphs are out of order from the questions

I think you have plenty of time for this exam, so you can experiment all these strategies even on the exam day as well.