Reading topic NOT in the LOS ...

I noticed there were larger sections of Reading 31 NOT listed on the LOS outline. I’m struggling with how much time I should spend on reviewing that information since it is not listed. I know you are responsible for ALL information in the CFAI books, but I HATE swaps and feel like I will be wasting a lot of time.

Also, I just wonder if they would intentionally pull a question on a topic not listed on the LOS (in any particular reading) as a curve ball.

How is everyone handling this?

Thanks for the help

I know what you talking about. That topic not listed in the LOS but I know it will be asked as a 1 question in an itemset.

So for less than 1% of the total mark, should we be worried?

I dont think they will pull out anything outside LOS.

The concern is properly understanding what LOS is requiring us to know!

This year with less material than last year they might test concepts related to the LOS but not stated. who knows