Reading Vignette: Is context important?

After doing a few mocks, I’m realizing that somehow the context was not that important in answering the questions. It implies that there is no need to read the full vignette and directly go to the questons. Saves time!

However in about 15-20% questions, it was needed to read it around.

Do others feel the same?

Also, what sequence you usually follow, reading the vignette first or skimming through the questions first?

I concur, But i do feel its better to skim through the context , rather than come back to it later while doing a problem.

I usually find its more important in the Alternative, FSA, Equity and Quant Problems as compared to the rest.

Ya, I read through the Q’s but don’t try to remember everything, more or less a skim to see where all the info I need is. usually underline a few things that seem important, then go to the Q’s.