Reading without EOC

Some readings don’t have EOC (for example Trading high frequency, derivatives strategies,…).

Do you think it is less probable that these readings will be in exam? (ATTENTION, I don’t say that they won’t be in exam, I just mean the probability of these readings in exam is lower than the readings with EOC.)

PS: I just realized that all three readings of session 14 don’t have EOC!

They dont have EOCs because these readings are new. Derivative 2017 readings have materially changed w.r.t 2016 curriculum and I can assure you that derivatives are very likely to be tested in the exam in at least 1 case vignette (after all, derivatives make up 5% to 15%!).

Can someone confirm that in the EOCs posted online for Reading 40, the first question should make reference to Exhibit 1 not Exhibit 2? Its not in the Errata.

They have EOCs online at: Candidate Resources > Level II Supplemental Practice Problems