Readings 3,4, and 5.

Can I skip these? Won’t find time. Are those cases really worth a read? And is it ok if I just read GIPS from schweser’s core concepts after the reading? Thanks.

ethics is just a coin flip anyway, so better use of time could be spent elsewhere if you are running against the clock

I have skipped those and not even planning to do any Ethics other than AMC!

I get nervous about Ethics and AMC because it is a significant chunk of the PM and I generally get 1 to 3 wrong out of the 12. I think it still helps to go through all the EOC q’s

Ethics has 10% weightage. Its good to review them, as the kind of questions asked is different from L1,2,& 3. L3 would be complicated by throwing in multiple things into the scenario. Net-net -> EOC and blue boxes will help.