Readings-removed & added in 2012 LII

I observed the following changes in readings.I have not read each LOS a cursory glance shows changes in wordings like distinguish used instead of differentiate or vice versa. etc.additions/corrections welcome. REMOVED Economics: -The exchange rates and balance of payments- Reading 17 Equity : Equity markets & instruments –Reading 36 Equity concepts & techniques- Reading 38 Alternative Investments: Investing in commodities- Reading 50 Evaluating hedge fund performance -Reading 51 Buyers beware……-Reading 52 Fixed Income: Liquidity conundrum - Reading 54 ADDED Alternative Investments: Investing in Hedge Funds: A Survey- Reading 47 will publish an LOS by LOS comparison soon according to their website.

finquiz does a really good job regarding comparisons

yes they do a good job. there are 64 readings in new curriculum as compared to 69 in 2011.

lvl II just got easier for you guys Best of luck!

looks like finquiz’s comparison is already up

Are the readings up on CFAI site or you have to register first? I checked yesterday and didn’t see anything. Thx.

Wow, those are some substantial changes. Why do you think they removed those readings? Unimportant? Irrelevant? Moved to a different level?

can’t believe that took the balance of payments reading. i think its pretty important.

Better for us

but there are alot of changing from discuss to describe and frome illustrate to explain or describe to explain >>>>>> is there big defferent for espcially for hows failled?