Readings with few questions

There are some readings in the curriculum which have few EOCs (if any) and don’t appear on the topic assessments / Schweser exams. Do you plan to reread them? I’ve heard L2 candidates were unpleasantly surprised previous years on the exam day by questions on such topics. I’m sure there are more but for now the only three I can remember are:

Corporate Performance, Governance and Business Ethics

Introduction ot Asset-Backed Securities

Your strategy needs a strategy

I know they are not difficult but I haven’t reviewed them at all and I don’t remember any vignettes related to them in Schweser practice exams. Moreover the first two are new (2015). Which readings you are going to review?

Not taking anything for granted. It’s all testable. I’ve made notes on those chapters and I’ll definitely be reviewing them.

ABS is potential…even Strategy may get clubbed with Porter Analysis on what type of strategy would be ideal.

“We all need to be Visionary rather than being Adaptive for the exams”

I have a feeling into to ABS will for sure show up since it is a new topic.

I heard they reduced ABS portion signficantly from last time. Not sure if its new ?!?

ABS is unlikely. it’s getting pushed out.

corporate governance, duties of the board etc - perfectly testable.

There is a new section specifically called Introduction to Asset Back Securities. I forget exactly where it is in the reading but it comes before the actual readings on ABS. So yes, I think you are correct that they reduced the more in depth material but added a new section as well.


That said, these are my bedtime stories.

One I haven’t looked at and that scares me is private equity. Very small weight but the topic is jammed packed in definitions, formulas and methods. I really struggled keeping my head up in this reading. I’ll give it a quick glance but really can’t imagine spending the time that would be necessary to remember everything in there.

Yeah, pretty rough for the weight.

I’d just know the difference between LBO and Venture, exit routes for an investment, some control clauses and anti-takeover defences, and TVPI=DPI+RVPI