Is there anyone who is yet to finish all of the assigned readings? or has skipped certain topics? If either applies, how have you been doing on the practice/mock exams? And what is your plan of action for the actual exam?

have to finish eq/fixed income today, i am half way dne with that book. tomorrow is FSA review all day.

Have you taken any exams yet? how did you do?

hank…i’ve only read FSA, Ethics, and FI. had some medical issues and i was going to push the exam off til december but decided to stick to june. i’ve been scoring ~65% on my stalla exams but took the CFA sample and scored a whopping 48%. i’ll work on equity and quant this afternoon/evening. tomorrow i will read through alternative investments, ethics again, off balance sheet financing, and will watch my econ lectures. i majored in econ so it should be mostly a review for me. what are your plans?

I have to do a quick review of the following 1. Hypothesis testing 2. Technical analysis 3. The last LOS in reasing 34 – I hate those formulas :slight_smile: 4. Corporate governace 5. Alternate Investements 6. Fixed Income Tommorrow - Just read the threads in this forum and try to answer the questions.