Readingtext instead ofwatching videos on Kaplan?

I find that the material is a lot more condensed in the Kaplan Schweser readings than it is in the videos. For people that used the Kaplan study materials for taking the Level 1, is it ok to just read the text and not watch the videos? I still watch the masterclasses at the end to refresh.

You do you, but the more condensed the material you “ingest,” the more likely you’re going to get a question outside the condensed material given that anything in the full CFA (level 1) Body of Knowledge is fair game.

On another forum, someone’s singing the praises of Secret Sauce saying that’s the only thing they need… and I’m pretty sure Kaplan Schweser is pretty upfront about that being just an augmentation of the main points.

Ofc, this warning applies most to ethics as it’s the least “condensable” and plenty of people pass the exam without ever cracking the official CFA literature. Caveat: from my research, most who said they passed by only using outside providers for readings/videos noted they used the official CFA Qbank and practice exams to gauge just how much of a grasp on the material they had.