Reads like an Onion article

I respect this stupid move of theirs. Its stupid as hell, and they could’ve just bought into some fund that specialized in “socially responsible” stuff, but I respect them standing with their convictions and giving up all their gains in order to be consistent with their beliefs. Now the question is, are they really going to be consistent, and ban corporations from operating in Portland at all.

Yeah, but the premise is stupid so there’s nothing to respect. As one of the council members said, they’ll give up $5M dollars that could have created beds for more than 200 homeless. Oh well. Evil corporations.

What this is is the natural end point of extreme libtard behavior, you eventually become so insular and paralyzed into inaction out of fear of microagressions that you eventually have to withdraw from a world that does not fit into your “reality”. Do no harm becomes do nothing, which is in fact, harmful.

Ah, but this brings up the philosophical point… very much reminiscient to heideggers philosophy. “Since we can never hope to understand why we’re here, if there’s even anything to understand, the individual should choose a goal and pursue it wholeheartedly, despite the certainty of death and the meaninglessness of action.’” To know that your convictions will not make a difference in the big picture, that they will count for nothing, but to pursue them anyways… how tragic and beautiful and principled. Stupid, but also tragic/beautiful/principled.

And ya sucks to be those homeless people who are out on the street or whatever as a result of this.

You just described Hitler, Stalin, Charles Manson, Dylan Roof, Osama Bin Laden, you name it. This is where philosophy falls on its own stupidity in the real world. There’s no excuse and nothing beautiful about stupidity, it’s just ignorance, no matter how you dress it up.

It’s not even like a majority vote did this, just activists that managed to grid lock a town council.

Okay, this sort of blows up my brain, mixed views on it.

Usually, despite what liberals say they believe, “liberal-corporatism” is the state of the USA—a sick hostile takeover of the liberal ideology by corporations; selling more products under “see how liberal we are”, as well as corporate-hate against majority groups. Portland is a garbage dump of liberalism if case you guys haven’t been there.

BUT, in this case you have them making a true split from corporatism, not just talk. Here’s the problem; humans have no clue how to fight corporations. “Vote with your wallent” is nonsense, hasn’t worked, and this won’t work either. But, despite being liberal wankers, they are at least trying to find some way to disentangle government from corporatism. They would have a heart attack if they heard me say it, but these people and Bannon are not so different, great quote below.

I guess I will actually thumbs up this pointless move. :+1:

_ “This is a historic vote that makes Portland a national leader in recognizing the interconnectedness of the harm that is done to our communities by corporations in the name of the bottom line” _

These kind of restrictions are so stupid. In this case it seems to be extreme, but almost more damaging are the more modest proposals that city and state pension plans are putting in place all over the world it seems.

Without a hint of irony, the Norwegian sovereign wealth fund (read: oil money) recently banned investments in fossil fuel companies. Are they going to stop burning and selling fossil fuel for huge profits - of course not. And all the politicians who voted on that ban left the meeting and drove home in their big BMW and Mercedes diesel powered cars.

That is ridiculous, hadn’t heard about that.

You can’t pump your own gasoline in Portland because that would take away someone’s job.