Who else is going back and forth between feeling comfortable with the material and feeling doubtful? I feel better than I did this time last year for L2 but am afraid of this exam…

I feel ok on some parts, but then others I sh!t myself when I see it on this forum and go, OH CRUD I dont remember that.

I find it … Funny I guess, that stuff that i thought was difficult in the begining now i am good with but I found new hard stuff that I still don’t know. For instance when you first saw all the target duration stuff I was intimidated but now I do those for fun.

I switch from being ‘comfortable’ as I go through the various exam practices, but when i go back to the core material, I feel I still have tons to learn. I am just looking forward to this exam to be over, and receiving a PASS on my account in August. That would really make all these months of hibernation worth the while.