Real Estate Analyst

Anyone here working in real estate analysis?

Who wants to know?

I’m considering breaking into this field and I’m seeking some real world guidance. Anyone who does have experience, and would be willing to provide advice, please email me at

what kind of analyst - asset management, acquisitions, portfolio mgt? what kind of company - buy/sell side, debt/equity, public/private?

Honestly, I am not certain so if you have insight to any of the above, i would like to learn more.

I work for a large publicly traded retail REIT mainly on the finance side but I might be able to answer a few of your questions. Send me a note

I always thought working for an REIT would be interesting.

I bought and read most of Commercial Real Estate Analysis and Investment by miller, clayton, geltner and eicholtz. It’s really interesting stuff. My dad’s a commercial real estate appraiser, doesnt have much ties to any REITs though.

thommo77, any ideas of how to enter the industry, or where its going?

I always hear people talk about how brick and mortar will be a thing of the past soon. which would be a burden on commercial real estate industry.

kkent used to. Not sure if he still posts.

Retail faces issues because of online shopping and office use is getting more dense, jury is out on telecommuting for many job functions. Industrial (manufacturing and warehouse/distribution) and multi family ain’t going away.

Yeah retail faces some interesting challenges with the growth of online shopping and showrooming. Luckily, our retail REIT buys or invests in properties that are somewhat insulated from the online threat. For example, we own lots of freestanding restaurant properties (people still like to go out to eat generally speaking), as well as we own a fair amount of convenience stores (got to fill up your tank), movie theatres (relatively inexpensive form of entertainment), large fitness centers, and car wash properties etc.

For shopping mall REITs, they have to do more to entice people to shop at the mall, especially the B and C malls that are struggling to drive traffic. So as REITs are losing some of their big anchors like Sears and JCP, they are replacing them with more entertainment options such as restaurants and theatres and family entertainment centers to drive more traffic. The A malls (Aventura Mall in Fort Lauderdale, Mall at Mellenia in Orlando etc.) still continue to perform very well.

The new darling of the retail REIT industry is outlet malls. Lots of new development of outlet malls right now.

The new rulings on taxation for online, 3rd party distribution, with revenues above 1mm, should impact online retail a little bit. I know amazon was already paying taxes due to their warehouses, but I assume this will impact some other online (non stationary) providers.

I am not working in a real estate analysis but i use to be an real estate agent in Finland country which lead me to bought new kiinteistövero or property in part of Helsinki.I can say that i choose a very nice place cause i am in the city.


^out of curiosity–how far is Finland from the Philippines? Do you make the commute daily?


Could you please suggest a book suitable for a beginner real estate investment analyst.


might as well start with the bible:

That’s fundamental book.

An indispensable source of knowledge for anyone aspiring to build great things, including walls