real estate around the world in CBD!

1 sqm = 11 sq ft.

typical home in us is about 150 sq m or 1600 sq ft.

Hong kong is the most expensive real estate in the world. a typical us home there is worth about $4.5m.

nyc would be 2.1m. la would be 1.1m. tulsa is 184k.

beijing is 2.3m. shenzhen is 2.0m.

rental yields also very poor in these cities

except tulsa, over there the yield is very good

lol i just included tulsa. cuz its the cheapest american cbd area. lol its literally third world status.

dont even know where tulsa is…

just saying rental yields are poor and there is no point buying anything in those cities, except tulsa, over there it is worth it

Nice. Which of these locations fits into the Nery long term retirement plan? I have the best values below, ranked 300 and higher.

  1. Visakhapatnam, India 867.90 301. Bhubaneswar, India 857.79 302. Ahmedabad, India 830.17 303. Izhevsk, Russia 796.11 304. Saratov, Russia 780.05 305. Surat, India 779.37 306. Kochi, India 778.64 307. Vadodara, India 768.61 308. Chelyabinsk, Russia 767.67 309. Ankara, Turkey 761.15 310. Caracas, Venezuela 760.66 311. Lahore, Pakistan 758.38 312. Lucknow (Lakhnau), India 755.66 313. Tunis, Tunisia 753.18 314. Karachi, Pakistan 727.92 315. Alexandria, Egypt 725.02 316. Cairo, Egypt 704.09 317. Islamabad, Pakistan 698.51 318. Durban, South Africa 674.09 319. Bursa, Turkey 639.89 320. Antalya, Turkey 570.56 321. Pretoria, South Africa 549.96

haha. so i’ve thought about this a lot.

  1. needs hot babes. if not for me then my children.

  2. needs to be cheap real estate, labor and cost of living so i can retire faster and have servants.

  3. needs to speak english, filipino, or spanish, so i can handle myself anywhere.

  4. need teh ability to purchase real estate if i am goign to stay permanently and lock my rent.

  5. need stable government that wont steal from me or kick me out.

6.i like to live in urban area, where i can walk to get whatever i need.

  1. i like high altitude places with cool weather year round.

  2. i want crime to be ok to low.

i dont want to go to a super poor place cuz high chance it is undeveloped with uggos. so save a mil. then i am thinking i go poor first. and once i become a multi millionaire and if i become single i’ll go to ok places find 2nd wife. then eventually id like to go back to philippines and help my poorer relatives become more successful and go for political office. but id want at least a 5m net worth. stage 3 is where i want my kids to grow up. but i have to have a net worth of 10m.

stage 1: colombia! mexico! philippines for poor places.

stage 2: poland! lithuania! czech republic! for ok places.

stage 3:belgium, netherlands, finland.

Bumping this beautiful thread. tell me about Auckland New Zealand. Apparently they have no capital gains tax. and no estate tax! pretty good place for rich peepz. weather is cool year round. Considered the 8th happiest place on earth. Language is English. real estate is expensive though at 800k. Unsure on hot chicks.
Anyways Auckland, NewZealand. Fulfills all of these requirements and is prolly top notch on stage 3 areas.