Real estate broker is the best job

Watched whole season 6 of million dollar listing and just got to say real estate broker is the coolest job, high up there along with chef, truck driver in icy deserts and tuna fisherman. Regret going to school

Anyone on the same boat?

I’d rather be a manager of a Twin-Peaks if you ask me.

is there potential for a reality tv show about it?

if you can sell. You get paid well.

Real estate agent is hands down a great job, I have two friends that left the HF world (from tangential analyst roles) to be agents like 4-5 years ago. 2009 really thinned the ranks and the housing recovery since has been nice, particularly if you’re in a hot market and present well with a good personality. They spend their days out and about in the real world and outside, not staring at screens with a flexible lifestyle and no boss, pretty nice.

I don’t see how being a RE broker could be fun. You mostly talk to people who know very little about RE. Yeah, if youre good at selling, the money is good but the same can be said about any sales job. If my job was to sell something, i’d like to sell to customers who know a lot about the product that I’m selling.

Seems like a really tough gig, like most of the ones OP listed. Being a chef for example is really rough.

Yeah I think those people are experts at smooth coercion. It looks easy on the television, but many of them have in depth knowledge about the intricacies of high dollar listings to value them appropriately to push their prices and agenda.

Seems like a luxury that is not always present in sales. Educating the customer about how the product will fulfill their wants or needs or desires is an important part of the sales dance. If you didn’t have to educate the customer that much, the product would basically sell itself and the sales role would be less important in that instance.

Give commercial real estate a try. A good buddy of mine is one of the top commercial real estate guys in the country and pulls down a wild amount of money.

my buddy literally just sells mortages. and clocked 1m in total comp.

Hmmm tempting

You described the whole tv show

Real estate market is the most inefficient market.

Most inefficient part of the market are the remote key holder lock things. Seems every agent struggles with them.