Real Estate Game Changer

we talked about this earlier this year. looks like this company is doing it.

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$3,200 flat fee to sell your home.

haha yea. i actually read this when i posted the other thread. fucking realtor whores

that link dont work no mo bro

edit: its the main article on cnbc

The $3,200 only covers the selling agent. The seller is still responsible for paying the buyer’s agent. Based on the linked article below, it’s also not clear to me if the $3,200 gets paid upfront, or only at closing.

updated link

lets say you sell a 400k house. 3% is 12k. you save almost 9k

imagine if we did that shit for stocks.

actually in the philippines, they charge percentage of trade. like 1 or 2%. crazy right?

did they ever do that for the us?

also stock trades can be as low as $1 now. lol

You’re absolutely correct and I never said otherwise. The initial quote, however, suggested to me that you paid $3,200 and that was it. I was simply pointing out that it’s $3,200 plus the buyer’s agent’s commission. Still not clear to me if you pay the $3,200 regardless of whether or not you actually sell. The fee structure is also regressive, as the more your house is worth, the more you save.

Here is another industry disrupter…

There have been individual Realtors advertising this same concept for a few years now.

According to their website, “you don’t have to pay anything until your property is sold or until 6 months has elapsed. In the unlikely event that your property hasn’t sold after 6 months we will still market the property until it is sold and only at that point would you pay the buy-side fees.”

I remember there was one company that said they would sell your house, or they will buy it themselves! Of course, they would not give a particularly great price, so it seemed like a mechanism to exploit information disadvantage of home sellers.

this seems to be a fairly common realtor offer now. they probably tell you what they’ll buy it for upfront if it doesn’t sell so it could be helpful if you have a timeline to meet.

How did realtors in the US get away with charging such crazily high rates for so long? Everywhere else in the world broker fees are like 1-2%, no?

Also, US IPO prices are about 2-3x what the are in Europe and Asia. Same firms underwriting the IPOs globally - just charge more in the US.