Real Estate


I just wanted to see if there were any CFA folk or aspiring CFA’ers who have a career in Real Estate. Any REIT workers, Brokers, Developers?

Happy New Years

Hey Reggie - I work for a $2.5B retail REIT in Florida. Level III of the program.

Hey thommo77, Can you describe to me a day in the life of working at a REIT? What kind of work do you do, investment analysis? Is the pay decent? I’m currently working as a market researcher for a large commercial brokerage. The plan is, after the first year, you move into the sales side. Like any sales jobs, it can be pretty lucrative (especially if you’re good at it) but I’ve always seen myself working more on the analysis side of things (taking a second stab at Level II this June). I was just hoping to get others points of views who are in the Real Estate industry. Thanks

i used to work in corp finance at a national homebuilder. very interesting work. lots of opportunities to move to a RE hedge fund, RE managment company, etc from the position