Real exam

Guys does anyone know what the real exam questions would be closer to. People say closely like the EOC ones in the CFAI books but any help would be great. Anyone?? Really stressing out here

The online practice assessments and the CFAI mock.

I suppose any EOCs that are in vignette form would be of some help but the top two are where it’s at. Between the 2015 mock itself and all the online practice assessments you have over 4+ mocks worth of vignettes in the format that we’re likely to see on the exam.

I think they are worded like the EOC’s but are more difficult than EOC’s. Some of the mock/practice assessments are confusing to me, but last year when I took the exam I was never confused about what the question was asking. That didn’t mean I knew the answer but the questions were clear in what they wanted from you. If you can do all of the BB’s and EOC’s you should be ok.

Part of the difficulty from the CFAI mocks was trying to assess what information they’re asking. Perhaps the mocks are designed to be harder/difficult and less straightforward to force test takers to pay attention to detail

Level 2 was the biggest pain in the world. No matter how much you prepare or how smart you are, everyone has the same reaction afterwards. “Holy Shizzle, WTF just happened” The best feeling you can hope for is you feel like you have a 50/50 shot.

If I was forced to do level 2 again, my mentality would be to think of the absolute worst questions (questions you haven’t seen before) so i’m not sitting there like WTF for the first 10 minutes.

Thanks for the confidence booster a day before

You should go into motivational speaking :slight_smile:

I tried taking the CFAI 2015 mock exam and I starting laughing at myself for how lost I was. LOL I was like “dude, do you even know anything??” After looking at the solutions i was like “dude, you need to work on your reading comprehension, the questions are fair game’”

From last year. . prepare for the worst hope for the best. Regardless

Very funny.

Hopefully, we’ll be more rested during the exam (and sharper) than we were while studying every available second we could. … Reading the headings on the exhibits helps. LOL.

bahaha my bad thought i could help by taking out the element of surprise.