Real Exam

Is the CFA Level II Real Exam in terms of word style and format more like an mock exam or an TT ?


this is the million dollar question that all of us candidates want to know (maybe not all)

not the same?

15 of the current TT were on the 2016 Mock FWIW.

And people said the 2016 exam was easier than the mock

I would agree - I am a band 10 retaker.

Retaker here as well. It was way easier than 2016 mock and schweser practice exam.

How would you rate it in terms of this years mock?

What do you guys think about the ethics portion on the mocks? Could be considered harder than the real exam probably? I am really just seeking reassurance here, i performed terribly on the mock ethics sets

This is very subjective, but I felt the ethics portion of the mock was a little harder than what I remember from last year’s exam. I averaged a 63 on Ethics for the 2017 mock and got an above 70 for ethics last year if that helps at all.

Well, then i hope it will be atleast somewhat easier! Thank you :slight_smile:

This year mock is slightly more challenging. What I regret last year was didn’t do enough of practice test (I only did cfai mock 2016 and 1 schweser practice test) and TT (real exam - really easy and straightforward, the vignette is short, simple and easy to understand)

If it was easy and straight forward, why didn’t you pass? How did you do?

Schweser or CFA Mock / TT?

Easier than CFA mock and TT from what I hear. Not sure about Schweser. But I thought L1 was easier than all of it. I hope it’s the same this year

Clarification would have helped - 15 of the CFA TT were on the 2016 Mock

I don’t know what to make of my mock results so far. I average 70% on the Schweser Mocks ( The whole volume 1 + 1 mock from V2). Took CFIA A.M mock and it absolutely annihilated me. Like 36% annihilation. Got me question my readiness for this…

Last year exam I only spent 2 months time to study for it due to personal reason and my laziness. :frowning: