Real life Barbie doll

Am torn between attraction and freakish disgust.—real-life-barbie-doll/?utm_source=FD&utm_medium=rainbow&utm_campaign=barbie

is this for real?


Super creepy in the hottest way possible… but mostly just creepy

Am having a difficult time believing this picture is real. The waist / torso looks wrong. I guess technically possible, but more likely photoshopped.

I say its fake. The color schemes on this last link just look really off


Saw this the other day. Pretty much same opinion as OP; I can’t decide whether I’m attracted to her or just disgusted. Either way I’m creeped out.

You should watch the movie “Splice” starring Adrien Brody (and some lady). Basically, the plot is that they combine human DNA and animal DNA to produce some sort of mutant human-animal creature.

And then towards then end of the movie, Adrien Brody has sex with it.

Look up “Uncanny Valley” on Google or Wikipedia and you’ll understand your reactions to it.

I guess this doll is posable, yes?

Never heard of that before, very cool, thanks for sharing

creepy indeed

I saw the movie a few months ago on cable, but missed a little bit. Did the creature (Dren was her name) later change gender, or was Adrien Brody’s girlfriend impregnated by the offspring of Dren and Adrien Brody?

I read the plot on wikipedia. It changed gender. So weird.

I read it too, I gotta see that movie now.

It’s one of those movies where you sit there wondering why you’re watching it, but just can’t seem to turn it off.

Yeah, I got that reading the description. I don’t expect it to be that good… still gonna watch it.

On behalf of our beloved Analyst Forum community I would volunteer to take a deep sniff down there at her *area* to see whether she’s 100% a human female or not … mmmmmmm.

I watched Splice last night. Solid B movie.

We need a ruling Frankie. Is Dren a HCB?

I think the whole turning into a male thing disqualifies her.

Woah, hang on there. Let’s let Frank answer.