Real Life Ethics dilemna

Let call this person Mr. X. He became well acquanted with a beautiful girl before the exam and they hit it off pretty well. They talked for a solid hour before the exam and then when entering the exam they were assigned numbers 6 and 7. Their destined love somehow sat them together of the 1000 or so candidates. They continued to chat and then it was exam time. Half the exam was over and they decided to goto lunch. She started speaking of specifics on the exam including individual questions and answer choices. She asked Mr. X what his answers were. Should Mr. X

A) Refuse to take part in the conversation and dissassociate from the talk.

B) Answer the questions cause if he doesnt he is sure to look soft and then there would be a very low MPS of getting her number. Side Note - Later he did get her number – Therefor assume number is directly related to sharing in the conversation.

C) None of the above.

So, I dont know who this Mr. X guy is but he sounds pretty cool. I`m assuming he went with B. Whats your answer.

It’s always B.

What? Can you please cut the crap and tell us about the important things:

  1. What does the girl look like. I mean like the important stuff, not the nice little details and all.

  2. I mean how was it? Like, what did you do, how, when, where. I mean common…

  3. Was it worth it? I am sure you were probably concerned not to fart, grin in a stupid way, poke your nose? Did you really focus on the questions? Do you think this was fate, like they sat you right next to this cinnamon roll and made you fail and now the girl tells you she has a bf?

Please man, dont start a story like this without telling us about how it ends…

Call her see if you have anything else in common besides discussing CFA questions (which is completely unethical per CFA standards btw I’m sure you’re aware) over dinner and go from there. Seriously?

I think you meant to say “The thing Mr. X should do is closest to:”



CFA>true love

Igor anger. It’s a story. Relax.

Phallacy - The great thing about her was we didnt even talk CFA. She was in australia last year surfing, she travels, is going to LSE maybe next year for nothing related to business. And she was beautiful. Tanned east indian color, healthy and dresses great. I looked like crap which made me a little self conscious. I havent shaved in a month, i was wearing these hobo like clothes and she was still into me somewhat.

And when she was randomly chosen as the person sitting beside me, I honestly could not believe it. I honestly didnt even think about the exam for the hour and half before the exam.

Even being in a little awe shock love, when the exam began I was completely focused. Didnt look over at her. I found that interesting as well. I was all CFA mode.

And whatsyourgovt. CFA < true love. I would give up the pass if this worked out. It’s just a cool story. And I’m already a full actuary so this isnt’ doing much for my career anyways.

Oh my god. I think i’m in love. hahaha…Toronto next week for date 1.

Good luck my dude. Hopefully you get the green light and the girl

This was probably a setup by CFA, so you are already screwed.

that’ll be a nerdy way to tell the kids how you met

No, I actually followed ethics by doing the smart thing. I didnt talk about the exam. Not cause I was following CFA rules but because I was following the smart thing to do if you’re a guy who likes a girl. Best thing you can do is listen. I made no comments and just agreed and nodded and asked other questions not to do with the CFA. I was more interested in her travels and asked her about that stuff. It wasnt that I was trying to avoid exam topics. Only cause other stuff was interesting.

We’ll see what happens. Cool girl.

itera. It’s nerdy in the sense its CFA. But pretty cool to randomly sit together out of 1000 students.

Lucky man

Talking about the exam is a bad pickup move unless you’re agreeing with her. If she says “What did you get for such and such?” and your answer is different than hers you either look stupid (bad) or make HER feel stupid (bad). That’s why it’s best to just leave it.

What p-stat makes it cool? p<0.05?

Amazing story! Why there were ALL DUDES sitting around me in the exam!!!

Good luck to you man!

Are you just assuming she doesn’t have the internet?

Didn’t the guy who posted someone’s personal details in an upcoming interview teach you anything?