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Oh, no, you did not start a thread about the awesome pro wrestling “interview.” Does anybody remember this awesome one with Sid Justice bitch-slapping Mean Gene Okerlund and calling him a “fat, baldheaded oaf?” Comedy gold:

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If this thread gets any mileage I’m done with this forum.

^ Respect

To be the man, you got to beat the man.


Eric Bischoff gets thrown away like a piece of human garbage by Hall and Nash. Anybody remember this awesome scene?

The nWo revolutionized the industry and created the Monday Night wars.


100% agree. That s**t was so fresh, and then the nWo got Hulk Hogan and tons of others in the other iterations…it was concurrent with a time when the fakeness of wrestling was becoming really fake, but the organizations owned the phoniness and just agreed to produce entertainment, and the result was magic. Like soap operas for men, but hilarious to boot.

“Everybody has a price” - Milliondollar Man

I loved this guy when I was a kid.


Lol. For some bizarre reason, I thought of Razor Ramone about a week ago. And was going to google what Razor Ramone is up to nowadays.

It’s sad what has happened to Scott (Alco) Hall aka Razon ramon.

Check the documentary ESPN did on him:

Blake, lmfao at the Million Dollar Man clip. It’s like, dude, wtf does this guy who is supposed to have vast wealth want with that public pool? Just to prove that “everybody has a price?” It’s so phony, it’s awesome. I especially like the clearly bogus $100 bills proferred by Virgil.

I just read the ‘wiki’ personal life of razor ramon (Scott Hall)… yeah, that’s uh, depressing stuff.

If you cycle through most of the major wrestlers of the 1990’s era on Wikipedia, it is astonishing how many have died early from cardiac events or other tragic causes. It’s a shame.

^true. But Scott Hall ‘Razor Ramon’ is just depressing, augmented by the fact that he’s still alive. Somehow that makes it worse in ways.

This is the best wrestling montage of my favorite memory from middle school.

[video: width:450 height:450]

Reminds me of Blake lol


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Classic Rock was a Classic

So I watched the epsn doc on Scott Hall. That sh—z is so incredibly depressing, in a way that is both subtle and blatant.

I can’t explain it. I can’t believe the guy ended up doing gigs in an old new england mill town…

great documentary.

This is even better. This is some serious real life trolling. My brother and I watched this live back in the day, we were going nuts.