Really BullS--t that the Fed Minutes got leaked yesterday afternoon

Thus the pump up late afternoon, and then all day today from the open. Had it not been leaked, and released at 2pm ‘today’, the market would not be up like this, and I would’ve had a chance to close my positions at a small gain, instead now looking at a nasty loss.

You a day trader?

Some of my positions are short term (weekly options).

Sorry lockheed, the auto-complete in Outlook got me again.

Well, you could have told me yesterday at 2pm god–dammmit.

WSJ is reporting that some of the people who received the email early yesterday included people at Goldman, JPM, Citi, etc.


^yup, this is pathetic. Any of these banks who acted

on this pre-release should be fined big.

Notice how the market started launching

after that yesterday? That sh–t added a good

200pts to the market 24 hours too early.

Despicable. Scum. Satanic. Driving Down Rodeo

with a shotgun pissed off.

I made 5 months rent today!

Well, I hope you closed it out. And I’m glad you made good with this crap, Oh.

u mad brah?

Does this fall under material non public info?

KPMG partner gives random information to a friend, he gets fired and loses his partnership.

Some career staffer reveals important information to big banks and probably winds up allowing a lof of people to trade early, my guess is that nothing will happen.

That KPMG partner will do some jail time and will end up paying a huge penalty.

Accidentally hitting Send is not the same as knowingly conducting or facilitating insider trading. Plus, I’m sure the people at those banks will be arrested if they are found to have used the early release knowledge for trading. All those banks are huge, huge organizations where everyone does a very specific job. I highly doubt that the information even reached a trading desk.

Seems like you’d have trouble linking any specific trades to the minutes.