Really CNBC?

Just happened to be walking by the TV when I see Donté Stallworth on CNBC discussing the NFL national anthem issue. Would it really have been that hard for CNBC to find a former player who hasn’t killed someone?

Ray Lewis is on TV every day it seems.

Lewis is on a ton of NFL broadcasts, which is a disgrace, but I can’t helped but see the irony of having Stallworth on to talk about kneeling for the national anthem seeing how he, a black man, served less than a month in jail for killing a pedestrian while drunk and speeding. For those who are new to the the whole kneeling controversy (not you ltj) it started as a protest against racial injustice in the US.

i always thought racial injustice and DJT hate is sort of correlated yes?

^ What? Where is the data to form such an opinion?

Yeah, these dude in 1968 were psychic and predicted The Donald’s rise to power.

Image result for 1968 Olympics Black Power salute

Well I mean a lifetime of DJT being a racist is a good starting point. You don’t really need data for that.

Has racial injustice increased or decreased over Trump’s lifetime?

Has the hate for DJT increased or decreased over Trump’s lifetime?

Decreased, dramatically.

Increased, exponentially.

So…negatively correlated. Problem solved, I guess.