Really long term charts and series

Have you guys seen any interesting financial (eg stock market, real estate, commodities etc etc) really long time series that is updated until recently? For instance a long term (at least 50 years) earnings and P/E chart over the stock market. Or any other charts showing interesting long term trends?

How about the Nile river data? Goes back like 3000 years. Very interesting…

Good suggestion. I am sure it is possible for a technical analyst to find a nice pattern in there if it is time to enter the stock market or not.

Yeah, probably something like, buy potatoes, sell vodka during an El Nino year where the Nile floods cover 13.4% more area than average. Unfortunately, potatoes come from the New World, so you’ll only have about 500 years of data, and low liquidity during the first 100 or so (maybe make that up with vodka liquidity). :wink: