REALLY Need some Guidance!!

ok, i’m starting to panic a bit as i’m in bad shape in terms of % of 1st read-through. I’d love to hear advice as to the best way to spend my time from here on out. some important facts. 1. I just told my boss i can only work weekends until Dec 5th, my weekdays are totally FREE. 2. I’ve read through Quant (understand it, do well on end-of-reading questions, but haven’t started to memorize anything yet), a little bit of FRA, and a little bit of Equity/Fixed Income. Everything else I haven’t touched :frowning: 3. I have a commerce degree (marketing) (so i’ve learned FRA, and Econ quite extensively in the past, whether or not i remember everything is another story, but I have learned it all). 4. I do have all schweser material as well. so please give me some advice as i REALLY don’t have much time to waste and need to concentrate my efforts efficiently. when would you think it’s too late to start hammering away at Q-bank??

Hey Ok you need to only slightly panic because theres still a little time in hand. Start with the topics you have no idea about, solve Q-bank simultaneously(after knowing the reading well),solve CFAI ques also after each reading and schweser end of reading questions. This way you’ll be thorough with each reading you do and wont need to get back to it too soon(though going through everything will be reqd in the last week before the exam). And one more thing - you dont need to memorize anything if you just understand the concept behind it. I dont think memorizing much helps in the actual exam. And dont panic too much because then retention of concepts would be difficult. so dont relax and get to work…I can say all this because i also havent gone through a few topics at all but i noe in the end wen pressure builds up, everything will be done. All th best!

k thanks man. so do u still suggest I try to read through the CFAI texts?? Or should I just start reading from shweser? I’m not the quickest reader/learner, i’m just worried if I try going through the textbooks, I might realize too late that I should have just read the schweser notes so I have more time for questions. also is 3 weeks enough time to leave for qbank, and practise exams?? or do I need more time than that.

schweser bros and Q-bank, dont trust a hoe.

ohh no dont even try reading the CFAI texts now because theyr reallly detailed and you’ll take days to read through readings…so its practically a time waste going through it now… but ethics u can refer to CFAI…its good in there… and ya 3 weeks is good time fr q-bank and practice and mocks…

Don’t use the CFA textbooks at all. Read Schweser and do as many practice questions as you can. Prioritize paper tests over QBank. QBank questions tend to be on the easy side. You actually have a lot of time before December 5. I spent maybe 130 hours on Level 1. That’s only about 3 weeks of studying if you aren’t working on weekdays. Level 1 is easy and you should kick yourself if you fail. Good luck.

I have not been able to go through all of the material either. My strategy: focus on 80% (total weighting) of the curriculum and rely on background for the rest. If anything, I’d get 1 out of 3 correct on the things not studied if I guessed at random. I hate being in this position, but like you I probably won’t have time to go through all of the readings.