Really need your advise.. LevelUp Videos or GO Study Custom Morning Course?

Hey Guys, Congratulations to all those who passed this year!!

It was my first attempt this year and unfortunately could not get through (Band 10). Had invested significant time and effort with an aim to clear in the first attempt but was disappointed to find myself on the other side… Close but just not good enough!

Morning score --> 6 topics<50, 1 topic >50-70, 3 topics >70.

Afternoon score --> 3 topics <50 (including Ethics / GIPS), 1 topic 50-70, 4 topics >70.

Morning result was a bit shocking athough I had left almost 3 questions unanswered partly due to lack of knowledge and was running behind schedule… Apart from that, I thought morning was under control and overall would score around 60%.

Afternoon was Ok, except Ethics and GIPS. I was unsure of quite a few answers in those sections. I think that was the final nail in the coffin!!

Reflecting back on my performance, I think my downfall was as a result of two weakness viz. 1. lack of thorough understanding of few topics (surely Portfolio Risk Mgmt, Fixed Income, GIPS/ Ethics) and 2. Time mgmt during essay (barely was able to complete even after leaving 3 questions unanswered!!).

FYI, i have mostly relied upon Schweser notes and little bit on CFAI for Level 3. I realise that some of the topics in Schweser are not well covered and was unable to understand it thoroughly despite repeated revisions.

Having gone through many of the positive reviews about LevelUp videos. I sense watching these videos will help me to work upon my weaker areas. But I’d like to know whether these videos will actually help me to improve my essay writing skills and give me the necessary guidance for improving my AM score? (Pls note that I will not be able to attend the Bootcamp as i am based in India).

I am also quite impressed about the Go study custom morning course. What i really like about it is the regular practice & customized feedback that one gets on the answers which are written on each topic plus review of mock exam answers. I also understand they provide lot of other material such as videos on each reading, summarized notes, cram guide, equation sheet etc… Not sure how their videos are in comparison to LevelUp. Appreciate your views on the videos of Go study package as well.

Could you please advise me on which prep provider I should go for given the background and my performance in the last exam ?.

Any other piece of advise is welcome with the aim to kill the 2018 exams.


i’m in a similar position, with a need to improve my essay writing skills. I want to purchase a course, but I’d like feedback on my essay writing too. I’ve seen the videos and they’re good/informative but I need a new approach to kill the AM exam and get me over the line.

Interested to see if anyone can suggest something in addition to the videos to help with this.


videos are a form of introduction to the topic.

level III is NOT something you can learn passively.

you need to do a lot of active learning

read the book (CFA, for the language) - make notes (actively) - read/rinse/review/repeat - solve problems again physical and actively).

make flash cards yourself … memorize the concept in the flashcard…


solve the exams

do not fall into the trap of reading the answer and saying yeah that is what I would have written … write it, and compare to see if that is what was said in the guideline answer.

I consistently pass ethics >=70% for all exams. Currently doing a 3rd try for L3. Here is a tip for ethics:

The answer is not always in the segment which the question is based. The clues are often hidden in the paragraph before or after the segment. Skip schweser for ethics practice, use CFAI website and do EOC/blue box questions.

Im also deciding which exam prep to use to improve my essay. Currently tilting towards GoStudy or IFT based on surveys on Facebook and AF, but will make a decision later this month.