The first component of the Code of Ethics does NOT explicitly say that a CFA Institute member will act with which of the following? A) Solemnity. B) Integrity. C) Competence. i mean. come on. solemnity? i actually paid to be asked this question. it would be pretty funny if it ended up in this year’s test, though. wtf.

And to think, they took out the 4th option and left that one in there.

I hate such tricky ethics questions ;)) A ?

I like this one too :slight_smile: The Code of Ethics does NOT explicitly say that a CFA Institute member shall do which of the following? A) Actively lobby for new laws to protect the public. B) Reflect credit on the profession. C) Act with integrity. Your answer: A was correct! The Code of Ethics says nothing about a CFA Institute member lobbying for new laws. In fact, legal issues are not a part of the Code. The Standards of Professional Conduct say that the member shall obey laws.

If those were the type of questions asked on the exam pass rates would approach 100%.

I don’t know, I mean, LII 08 quant may have been that straightforward. After spending hours on time series I got to break out the BAII and calc a correlation coefficient or something like that 4-5 times. I would never expect an ethics question like these but there will be a few slam dunk points to be had. A few that will make you scratch your head and think, jeese, I killed that SS and I will have the same score as someone that skimmed the sauce?

This is so true. I almost threw up with I saw Quant last year. I spent probably 3 full days in the last week getting time series down and I had it. I would have owned it. Instead we got an intro to stats course.

In fact when quant was not tested in the AM section i was so sure the PM will have quant and time series HAD to be in there …I spent my lunch hour happily reviewing it for nth time … just to find level 1 quant calculations in there