reapplying to company previously quit

im just about to quit my current position in a canadian bank for a better offer from another bank. although i think my current employer is a better company, the new position is much more in line with what i want to do and more money. since there are only 5 or 6 big banks in canada, i was just wondering lets say i want to apply back to this company i quit 5-10 years from now. i know they always ask in interviews have you ever applied to this company before, but im thinking it wouldnt be a problem reapplying later on as long as i left on good terms. what do you guys think? is there anyone who has done this before? thanks

My current employer has stated that they have a number of persons in upper management that left the company for a few years while at lower levels and then rejoined the company later after realizing that the company was, in fact, a good fit for them. At the very least, my company has publicly encouraged its employees to leave if they aren’t satisfied and have said that the firm will welcome us back later on and it will not be held against us. Although this is an American accounting firm based out of San Fran, not a Canadian IB. Probably a very different culture.

Take what’s good for you at the moment. If you have something that they need/want in the future I cannot see them not hiring you just because you left before. By the time that you reapply at the same place (5-10 years) the people at the top would be new ones anyway.