reason for leaving

How would any of you answer this question in an interview if the reason for leaving is just that you are being under paid and prospects for growth seem scarce, only after you’ve been there for a year? I guess you want to come out clean and not talk bad about your current employer.

If you’re leaving for a job that pays your more and seems to have better growth opportunities, then just say that it was too attractive an opportunity to pass up, and in your judgement at the time, you were unlikely to get similar oportunities at your current place. Most employers will understand that a substantially better paying position or an obvious better fit is hard to turn down. If you don’t have a new position or are leaving for something that is not qualitatively (or quantitatively) better, then it’s a little harder. Just mention that you liked your co-workers (assuming you did), but it just didn’t feel like you were advancing in the directions you wanted and had no indication that this would happne.

Say you took your current job with intentions to only stay for approx a year- in hopes to gain certain skills and move into a position like this (the one you’re interviewing for). Reiterate why you think it’s a great opp (growth, experience, etc) and close with the skills you’ve gained from your last job that will transfer to this one.

I think bchadwick misunderstood the question. I disagree with Tpain. Saying that you only intended to stay at a job for a year to get skills (while it might in fact be the right thing to do for your development) would not ring well with a potential employer. I think you need to sell the company you’re interviewing on the fact that you are worth what youre requesting first. After doing that, explain that it is your goal to develop and take on increased responsibility in the org that your interviewing with and that, although you’ve gotten much out of your current job, you don’t feel it offers the opportunity to grow that you seek. Make sure you can back up why. I would not really even mention the money issue. If you do, it can come off as negative for a number of reasons - one of them being leverage when it comes to salary negotiation. If you have to bring it up for whatever reason, I’d explain that you were willing to work for a lower salary because you felt you needed to develop certain skills, then go on to explain (with conviction) how you developed in your current spot.

Ah you’re right. I did misunderstand. I was thinking ‘exit interview,’ not interviewer asking you why you are looking after only a year.

I think I’ll be in the same position in the new year. Nothing wrong with moving on after only one year. Too many people think that the employer / employee relationship is a one way street skewed in favor of the employer. If an employee feels that the company that they are employed with is a bad fit, just indicate that in your interviews.