Reasonable basis VS Independance

I think I did this question 4 times already…and I am still wrong. While copying some of her research materials at work, Mary Jones comes across a few incomplete research notes written by one of her colleagues. As a result of reading the notes, and without further review, Jones immediately changes one of her stock recommendations from sell to buy. Which of the following CFA Institute Standards has Jones violated? A) Standard III(A), Loyalty, Prudence, and Care. B) Standard I(B), Independence and Objectivity. C) Standard V(A), Diligence and Reasonable Basis.


I would go C also.

mwvt9 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > I would go C also.

C as well. Did not investigate further to have a reasonable basis for her recommendation. I.e. if asked to produce evidence as to why she made such a recommendation, she could not refer to her colleague’s incomplete research as reasonable basis.


You guys rule! Correct answer is C. I don’t know why I keep thinking that using someone’s notes is a lack of independence and objectivity. I will use passthismofo’s explanation for the future.