Rebuying Stella/Schweser Material for retake

Wondering if people had any opinions on repurchasing materials for level 2 from Stalla/Schweser. Part of me thinks that I won’t spend much time re-reading the material and that I should just focus on testing. Any opinions on whether it is worth repurchasing the materials for level 2 if I took the exam last year. I’m thinking about using last years 3rd party books and only buying practice exams.

I think the best way is to just have a look at the difference between this year and last year , skip the removed readings / LOSs and read the new ones from the CFA books. use for that , they have a very detailed comparison between this year and last year.

Dont buy anything…2010 and 2011 Stalla Level 2 material was just about the same. The practice exams and mock exam were exactly the same. Use the CFAI materials with your Stalla material from last year.

they like to test new stuff if there is any, just saying…

They removed a few readings from 2011 and didn’t really add much for 2012, so I think it’s ok… But do compare them and make sure there is no missing part