Recalling the day when the CFA Dream started ....................................

Today few days after giving the l2 exam i recollect the day i registered for CFA program last year

I was down in the dumps after office problems …

One of my friends a CFA chartholder advised me to enroll in the CFA program. I said No i cant do this , i just cant.

He said i now that u will do it . I again said i caont.

Then he told me that i have 2 options

a) Register on my own

b) He will register for me and pay the fees also.

I had to register for the CFA program. In a week the books arrived and i was shocked at the size. I again thought i cant do this. Again got encouragement that i should start and i will do it

Days passed ,months passed and i was phrustrated with the sheer volume of QT and other subjects.

I used to get help on skype on readings like deferred taxes etc…

Then came the exam and i nailed it with 70+ in all subjects. Was very happy

In the meanwhile after giving the l1 exam i started studies within 15 days as dec-june time was very less.

Now L2 was just a complete ballgame but again this time i ept faith and moving along .

The exam on June 1,2013 was pretty good and i am confident of passing ,god forbid…

The almost impossible dream of becoming a CFA chartholder now looks so possible…

Sometimes others know your potential and come lie angel to give u a ray of light and turn your life yes


Even my journey of CFA started in some unique way I still remember 2 years back I joined finance firm with few local finance certification courses and I felt in a way that I should do something big. I am completly from a non finance background and somehow strangly got through this firm and within a week journey started initially everyone warned me that’s it’s been the toughest course and be ready to fail but still something motivated all the time to get back from office and sit with books and sleep on it… I passed lev 1 last year and must say I struggled a lot with fra and almost all the subs except fixed inc and quants coz I work in for cap market…and one year after I still think of the day I started my journey knowing that in India CFA is not so easy known and candidates here really struggle to get a dream job. But somehow I wish someday at some point I can write those lovely 3 letters after my name

Khan bro

I am deprately looking for a job in finance domain . Please help me

Nice post cool. Everybody has a milestone when their journey changed course. Good to remember those (and those that made it possible). You seem to be driven - but your post sort of indicates otherwise. Recognize that if your are truly want something and truly put in the effort, no matter what, the end result will be stupendous. Wish you well.

CMLSML i am trying my best. I lost my job 2 days before the L2 exam. Still kept my head and hopefully cracked L2. Now i am searching for a job. If anybody can help please do i will be really obliged smiley

I remember my first day of the CFA DREAM, a buddy called me up.

I was excited, looking forward to it, dreamt of the greatness it would come with. I thought it was propel me forward like a rocket ship and set me apart instantly as if I was given a 10 foot tall giant red flag in a stadium.

In retrospect, I had no idea of the immense torture and sacrifice I was beginning. I got a small flag one foot high, and it pushed me forward like some guy trying to get past me and shoves me aside.

Starting to attend a course on Financial modelling from edupristine from next month to add some nowledge and points to my resume , so by the time result comes i have some background

Damn that day.

But as i started it, i will make it through.

Delhi there is lots of IB firms u try out in Amex try out in equity research

Khan09 can i have ur linkedn id . Cant pm u here

was in the program back in 2007 or 2008. didnt bother with the studying, its more of doing it for the gf. then things happened, she left. more thngs happened. after failing level 1 twice. im not at all confident. my small buddy Tiger made the choice for me, choosing between a fork n spoon. hes 3 as of now and im in level 3. maybe i will never get to use the CFA designation or knowledge. but hey it is a gd run…:slight_smile:

buddy in investment sales gave me some of his old L1 books; said I really should be on the investment side…rest is history.