Reccomendations for Practice Tests?

I have worked through the Curriculum 1 and 2x for harder sections as well as completed all EOC at least 1x and gone through the Stalla Curriculum and EOC.

I want opinions on Practice Exams since I believe I will start in 10 days or so.

I am going to hold off on CFAI Mock stil closer to the exam date. What are people’s opinions on Sample Exams for $40? Should I buy the 2 for $40 a pop. Is it worth it? When shoudl I take them?

Would I be better suited to buy the Schweser Exams? Hoping to not spend too much $$ out of pocket and still give myself best chance to pass

I would start with the three past morning sessions that are available on the CFAI website. after that I like the schwesser exams. I only bought one book, but I like their suggestions for how to grade the morning sessions - it’s helpfull to see how some partial credit may be given.

See the thread I started a few weeks ago titled:

“More Practice Exams, Schweser NOT enough”

Good discussion of the sample exams.