Received offer but need to stall?

I received a written offer from a company and they didn’t specify when I should sign and return the letter. However, I am still awaiting for this other company to make a decision. I’ve already done the 3rd round of interview with them and I communicated with the recruiter that I have an offer pending from another company and they told me that the hiring manager liked me but has to interview 2 more candidates this week. They said that they’ll be able to make a decision next week and that if I cannot wait, they can’t do anything…

What’s the best thing to do in this situation? I’ve already e-mailed the first company asking some questions about their benefits since they didn’t include them in the offer letter, and I asked if it would be possible to revert back with the signed letter early next week as I am traveling this week. If they push for an earlier date to sign, should I just sign and then bail out before the start date if I get an offer from the other company?

I’d negotiate pay for the f**k of it. that should buy a week. recruiter would need to coordinate with hiring manager.

or double down on the benefits lol. question everything. have fun with it.

Yeah, to be honest, I wouldn’t tell them about the other job, as they might assume you’re a non reliable prospect and withdraw the offer in favor of a candidate who wants the job now. Just send them some laundry list of difficult questions, which will easily take a week to answer. Worst case is the “sign and bail”, which happens once in a while, but like if you bang your gfs sister or something, don’t expect to be invited back into the bed, amiright??

This happened to me recently. A large/life changing position came available on the day I received a contract for another good company.They gave me 3 days to sign so I do not shop the offer around - in the end, the guys at the big company said I need to be prepared to sign and bail if I manage to get a contract at the bigger company. They did not care that I had another offer as they were a bulge bracket.

In the end, I signed and I was prepared to bail to the bulge should I make it through. However the bulge contract did not come through (Even though I nailed the interviews and was very confident about it). Point is - only work with the contracts you have on hand at that very point in time and if you are in another process - only keep it if it is worth resigning before you only start. Otherwise stick with the offer you have. You never know what might happen.

I am in this SAME situation right now. I plan on fully signing my offer letter which I have been told is going to come through by EOB tomorrow, however, there is still an equity research job at my old firm where I may make it through to the next rounds and want more than this current opportunity. Can’t take anything for granted though and need to just accept it, hell even start it, then figure out how to bail for the better job IF and when it comes.

I know this is going to sound so stupid, but listen to your gut.

I was in this situation only about a month and a half ago. I got an offer from one firm and I had just finished second (and final) rounds at another. I really wanted the second job. My mind kept saying take the offer, but somewhere deep down I knew that it would be the wrong move. You will feel it. In my case, I just kept coming with reasons not to take the offer even though I really liked the company. My hand would hover over the delete button on the email. I printed the offer, but refused to look at it.

The same will happen with you. And whatever happens, go with that. For example, if your hand keeps picking up a pen whenever you see the offer, sign it and be done with it. That’s the job you really want.

It happened with me once before. I took on a job that was bad (like really bad). And my gut had told me: don’t do it. But I didn’t listen to my gut and went with my mind. It was a good learning experience and since then I’ve come to rely on my gut when I’m stuck.

So go with what your gut tells you. Honestly I don’t think you will regret it.

never disclose your real reasons…don’t trust them…we live in an era where you see a lawyer for a prenup before you marry the love of your life. Having said that, you could ask for a raise or vacation time which will buy you a few days. then tell them to send over the contract and that you are excited and thankful and will review…this should buy you another 3-4 days.

I know someone who started at a company I used to work for. A month later, he left. I don’t think there were any hard feelings because he was a nice and personable guy.

why are you all shoppign right now. you should wait for your bonus.