Receiving a Counter Offer

I’ve accepted a new role for a 40% jump in total comp and a jump in position. My company is now offering a counter offer. What would convince you to stay assuming your responsibilities in both roles will be very similar and you enjoy working with your team? I don’t have details on the counter yet but will be getting them today.

I was hoping to be promoted a couple months ago but instead just got an inflation raise. This pushed me to start looking and I quickly got this offer after searching for about a month. The industry is exactly the same except the new company is a much bigger player in the industry.

How long have you been at the last firm and are there differences in prestige between the two firms?
Generally depending on those two answers, the best move is to go.

I’m coming up on 2 years. I don’t think either company is much better than the other, but I will say the new company seems to have many more clients and resources to pay the bigger bonuses and salary, however it could mean more hours of work involved and more stress. Not sure on that though. I already do 50-60 hour weeks anyways, but I’m more comfortable because I’m familiar with everything so I’m able to get more done with less hours worked. When I first started I would do like 70-80 hours sometimes

It seems like you are early in your career. It depends on your personal POV on work/life balance. The process of adapting to a new firm can be a good skill to learn and pay is always encouraging despite the risks, but if working long hours is going to be something you struggle with you may not want to risk putting yourself in a position you won’t thrive in. I’m assuming the job function is very similar as well?

If you’re down with the possibility of longer hours, I think making the move might be the best option since your employer has shown reluctance to reward you and you’ve already attempted to make the jump. People generally regret not going unless they have a clear and compelling reason to stay from a longer term career perspective like their employer or role is better quality than the one they’d be leaving for.

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If the only reason you were leaving is pay, I’d consider staying. Otherwise, leave.

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Generally, leaving has the highest long-term return. If you weren’t adequately valued before this, you won’t be adequately valued two years from now either.

In the end I decided to go to the new role. The current company just could not match the offer.

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+1 to this. A new job is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.


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Ayyyy congrats baller!