recent LBO/M&A transactions in the auto sector?

Hey guys - does anyone know of recent LBO/M&A transactions in the auto sector, specifically in the small- and mid-cap space for auto parts manufacturers? I’m interested in valuation based on EBITDA multiple, as well as capital structure (pro forma debt/equity) of recent transactions. Even if you don’t have all the financial metrics, if you guys can just throw out some names of some recent deals you’ve heard of, I’d be much obliged. Thank you!

MacLean Molded, Life Automotive, United Welding, ASC Inc.

Wire Rope Corp. earlier in the year, Keystone (I think an LBO) and Tower Auto more recent…Allison and Lear if you want to get a little bigger

thanks guys…do any of these focus on manufacturing auto-parts for the aftermarket? i appreciate the feedback, this area is definitely not my forte also randall, last week i sent you an email to your AF email address…if you have another one you prefer to use can you let me know? thx

try searching bloomberg for transactions - you can usually get a historical list that forms a useful starting point.

The Lear LBO by Carl Icahn was unsuccessful due to shareholder vote. Allison is a transmission maker, different comps than your typical auto parts company. TRW just lost a bid for a German company Siemen’s VDO to Continental AG. Not sure if they will provide good comps though since it’s overseas. Am familiar with this a little bit. Email if you’d like steveopleatyahoo

Thanks bankingbaby - you rock!!!