Recommend good resume critiques

Hello, Can someone please recommend a good resume critique services in great NYC area? Thank you.


Second Numi. I’ve heard nothing but good things. Actually, as I stare down the double barrel of unemployment, I’m considering dropping Numi a line myself. NUMI IS THERE A PITY DISCOUNT THAT I MIGHT BE ELIGIBLE FOR?!?!?!

ASSet_MANagement and supersadface, thanks for the recommendation/endorsement - I really appreciate it. supersadface – I think my rates for career consulting services (resume/cover letter/MBA application review and mock interviews) are pretty competitive already. Having said that, I have certainly offered special discounted rates in the past to people with extenuating circumstances, such as unemployment. I understand that unemployment could potentially happen to anyone and part of my responsibility as a career consultant is to help these people get back on their feet ASAP. If you are unemployed have an otherwise extenuating circumstance, please e-mail me at explaining your specifics; I will consider everything on a case-by-case basis. Thank you.

price discrimination :slight_smile:

Numi, I’ll be dropping you a line after LII happens no matter what. Right now I’m 100% focusing on the exam. While I’ve got a small amount of spare time that I could use for a job search, I just feel like I don’t have sufficient energy to push my job search into high gear. I will be employed until the end of June so I don’t want or expect a discount. I’ll explain my situation and you charge me what you think it’s worth for whatever help you can give.

Sounds good…feel free to reach out whenever you’re ready. I agree that right now, given that you only have a couple more weeks, just crank hard on studying for the exam and then go all-out on the job search later. Personally I find it easier for myself to concentrate and work hard at a few things, rather than spread myself too thin. Good luck on the exam!

chaucy1999 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Hello, > Can someone please recommend a good resume > critique services in great NYC area? > > Thank you. Numi is solid. His prices are competitive. He is also fluent with many premier firms and can provide specific advice to position yourself better. The dilberts at charge the same he does, but who knows how effective or reputable they are.

ne1 got a website?

Thank you folks! I will definitely ask for some help from Numi.