Recommendations for practice

I’m thinking about trying to drill down on some soft spots in the curriculum with numerous practice problems - contemplating purchasing PassMaster from Stalla. Has anyone used PassMaster software from Stalla and, if so, any feedback as far as its efficacy?

I bought the passmaster and used it just a little bit. I really didn’t like the actual software so I decided not to keep using it. For one, you cannot save your ‘sessions’ so, if you are working on a homework set that is 150 questions, you cannot stop at 50 and come back to it. That did it for me. Plus, the homework set was too repetitive. I used it maybe twice so remember that in a sense I did not give it a fair chance so to speak.

I have to note that I’ve been using the Stalla knowledgebase (included in the kit I bought) and I’ve received prompt, and useful, responses from the ‘teachers.’ In that regard, Stalla has been pretty good so far.

I use Stalla Passmaster, and yes you CAN STOP in the middle of a 244 problem set and grade yourself; then you CAN still come back to finish up the rest of the problems. Stalla has 2400 questions, definitely good supplement for your study. It identifiies your weak spots as well.