Recommended Member Type: Regular ???

When I check my application status and to in the “CFA Institue membership” page, I can see: “Recommended Member Type: Regular” Is that normal? I just passed level 3. 48+ months of my work experience have been accepted by CFAI and the current status of my application is “Under Review - Society”. I don’t want to be a “Regular member” but effectively an “CFA Charterholder Member” See for the details of the various membership… Any comment there?

You want to be a regular member. Shortly after you meet the requirements to be a charterholder (pass LIII, become a regular member, pay dues…), CFAI will award you a charter. Once society approves, you pay your dues, you should get notified within a few weeks that you can start using the designation. Congrats.

Hi All, I read the same thing in my Application Status! But, furthermore, I also see Decision Days remaining = 44 !!! What does this mean? I’ve to wait 44 days just to become regular member? And then must still wait to be awarded with the charter?? I didn’t know I’d wait such a long time… :frowning: Can anyone tell me more on this? THANKSSSS!!

It means they have “up to” 45 days to approve you. Mine started at 45 but was approved like 6 days later. It all depends if your local society does rolling admissions or meets once a month to approve all work experience. My guess is it will be 30 days of less.

Bigger societies tend to only review apps once a month…

Do I have to check on CFAI website? Or will I receive an email when both societies will approve all? How will I know when and how to pay the fees? thanks 1000000!!! JL