Recommended time to study allotted per reading ??


Can someone tell me how much time should be allotted per reading?? I am kind of making a timetable for my study and as i am studying i am realizing that every reading takes about different time to finish it’s first round of study.

Can someone share your study plan that you are following presently??

Since the readings vary and some are more important than others, I’ve been treating it more as a total time goal. I’d like to have my first read-through done by say mid-January, so for me it’s easier to take the total curriculum and quarter-it… ex. Halfway to my target date, I’d like to have half the curric read etc. When Schweser classes start, I’ll likely stick close to their timetable and adjusting accordingly for myself. Overall, I would think it’s important to recognize strengths/weaknesses and tailor your schedule.

(Exam Date - Today - 6 weeks) / (# of study sessions)

For me it came down to about 2 study sessions per week (15-20 hours) for the next 17 weeks and 6 more weeks for mocks.

First go is just flash cards, general concepts, getting a big picture, and understand EOC questions (what it is asking) and read answers on what to expect (I dont try to write everything out at this stage, just very short keywords).

Second go focus on practicing problems and wrting EVERYTHING.

6 weeks for Mock drilling and refine writing skills so I can answer questions more efficiently.

250 hours ÷ about 50 readings = 5 hours/reading.

300 hours: 6 hours/reading.

From where did you come up with 50 readings? I bet you had L3 long time back then… its 34 readings now

and you wont spend 6 hours on Institutional reading and 6 hours on Economics for Valuation… UNFAIR!

It took me around a week per study session… so 18 study sessions i started 2nd of week of December this time around last year and finished by April 20th… Took 1 week off in March

Devote 3 weeks per CFAI book total of 6 books on average sometimes less sometimes more … it should help

  1. Ethical and Professional Standards: 2 WEEKS!

  2. Behavioral Finance, Individual Investors, and Institutional Investors: AT LEAST 4 WEEKS!

3. Capital Markets Expectations and Asset Allocation: 2 WEEKS!

4. Fixed Income and Equity Portfolio Management: I WOULD SAY 4 WEEKS! (BIG WEIGHTS)

5. Alternative Investments, Risk Management, and the Application of Derivatives: 3 WEEKS!

6. Portfolio: Execution, Evaluation and Attribution, and Global Investment Performance Standards: 3 WEEKS!

Fair enough: 250 ÷ 34 readings = 7.4 hours/reading.

300 ÷ 34 readings = 8.8 hours/reading.

Each reading has a different degree of difficulty. It’s a recipe for failure to put the same amount of time.