Record Retention vs. Misrepresentation

Member incorporates data from World Bank and Central Banks into report. While he does not indicate these sources in his reports, whenever clients ask him he says its from the public domain. When clients ask for the specific website, he provides them with the information. Which standard is most likely violated?

  1. Misconduct

  2. Record Retention

  3. Misrepresentation

Not sure how the answer is 3 instead of 2 for this question.

Why do you think it’s 2?

There is no indication that the Member hasn’t retained the relevant records; in fact, given that they are directing the clients to the source on request would suggest that records are being maintained. The answer is definitely 3; revisit the standard and have a read up on plagiarism and omission. Haven’t looked for a while but the plagiarism highlight will definitely mention the requiement to acknolwedge the source of distributed material.

Sorry, in the question, it says that he does NOT keep the record, because they are in the public domain. That is why I do not why the answer it not number 2.