Recruiters from Linkedin Question

Back in March, an internal recruiter for MS reached out to me through LinkedIn. I emailed him back after he emailed me the job description, expressing my interest. Then there was nothing. I followed up but no response.

I just received the same email from him via LinkedIn for the same position. So, is the recruiter simply using a key word search and sending out a bunch of formatted emails again?

I mean, do I write back to him as if he did not contact me for the same thing in March?

You should respond back telling him to hacksaw himself because A) hes is a recruiter and B) he doesn’t work at GS

Well, he sent me back and email again, which is verbatim as the one in March, except, it includes the phrase ‘urgent need to fill this position’.

Can’t hurt to rehash and send resume. Meh.

For all I know, I could be communicating with a robot.

Unless it’s your boss sending it to you.

rehash, send again. it’s a contact sport

I have been recruited by headhunters through linkedin!

So not all of them are robots…

LOL. That would be F’in hilarious. I could see myself doing that when I have nothing else going on.