Recruiters in India

How effective are they for finance positions in the country. I’ve not had any luck with them so far and haven’t got any response from the few i’ve contacted so far. I’d be grateful for any contacts anyone would like to lend. Thanks See if this is useful

You can also try The above mentioned website is only for investment community and as the site posted by batterinram, is mainly concerned with middle and senior management. Apart from this there are many others as well, targeted towards investments…,, You can also post your profile on monster and naukri, however, these are very big recruiters and not specifically focus on investment domain. Hope it helps.

gauravku Could you pass me your contact details. I happened to follow some of your posts on this forum and thought we could help each other out. Mine is Thanks

quantforCFA, unfortunately access to email services is restricted in my office, so once I get back home I will drop an e-mail to you… My ID is Appreciate your help. Hope to get in touch soon. Thanks.